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is a non-denominational non-dogmatic mystery church dedicated to the understanding that those of us who identify as faeries or fey or two-spirit or queer pagans or gay wiccans or whatevuh have a vital role to play on this planet at this time: to heal to celebrate to commune. The All-Star Mystery Church is conceived in the understanding that matters of Politics and matters of Spirit are mutually exclusive matters, and that while Spirit may do a great deal to serve (i.e., heal) Politics, Politics do absolutely nothing to serve Spirit.

Therefore, all discussions of who is or isn't this or that are moot within The All-Star Mystery Church: if you feel called to be a member of The All-Star Mystery Church, then presto-chango: YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE ALL-STAR MYSTERY CHURCH, and all of the magical work you have done in the past and all of the magical work you will do in the future is proof of your legitimacy as a member of this congregation.

The All-Star Mystery Church is open to all people who are open to all people.

The All-Star Mystery Church is Faerie Unitarism: Unifaeriesm.

The All-Star Mystery Church is conceived as a fountain through which to channel our collective power as faerie healers and pagan energy workers and two-spirit shamanic maniacs and all the other things we might be: to channel these powers into the collective good.

The All-Star Mystery Church exists to do nothing less than heal the entire fucking planet, and when we gather together, even if it is only in dreams, we are doing that work.

Learning how to do that work better and harder and deeper and wilder, all of us together, is the purpose of The All-Star Mystery Church.

There can be no power struggles within The All-Star Mystery Church, for the power is in each and every one of us, equally.

It's pretty simple: that's all there is to it.

Everything else is the Mystery.

Any questions or suggestions?

Come together.
Do the work.
Spread the word.

(PLEASE NOTE: The All-Star Mystery Church tribe on is a moderated tribe. All who feel called to be here are welcome here, but it goes without saying that flaming, trolling, and otherwise disruptive forms of communication, are not.) RSS Feed what is XML?

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